A timeshare is a form of ownership or right to use a certain piece of property. When you purchase a timeshare at the Kingfisher Inn you own a certain condo for a certain week – every year, year after year. You can own a piece of the Kingfisher Inn for as little as $500! Once you own a unit and week, you pay yearly Homeowner’s Association maintenance fees. With the maintenance fees being less than the rental fees, you SAVE money and have the use of your own, familiar condo each beach vacation!

Upon purchasing a Kingfisher timeshare, you will receive a deed to your unit and week. This is the same as a deed to any other piece of property you own, like your home.

Why timeshare?

When you own a timeshare at the Kingfisher Inn, you have many great options. You can use your week for vacation, share it with family or friends, rent it and earn some extra income, or do a vacation trade through RCI.

RCI is the global leader in vacation exchanges. Vacation exchanges allow owners to vacation all over the world! Visit www.RCI.com to learn more about RCI and the opportunities you can gain by buying a timeshare at the Kingfisher Inn!

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